The Department of Communication Studies opened its Media Gallery in October 2009. Its goal
is to curate and program innovative media art by professional local, national and international
artists. The Media Gallery is the only art gallery located on the Loyola campus. It has helped
to make the Department of Communication Studies, and the Loyola campus, a creative and
critical destination at the University. In a short time we have created a strong on-line presence
for our exhibitions through our collaboration with the Mobile Media Gallery (an extension of
the Mobile Media Lab). We have explored e-publishing in conjunction with our exhibitions and
podcasts of artist interviews. The Media Gallery draws upon the talent and extensive experience
of the curators, artists, and designers on faculty in Communications. The events we have hosted
in the Gallery have instigated collaborations between faculty from production and theory, as
well as forging links with the staff who have played a vital role in assisting with the exhibitions.
The Gallery provides a strong link between the sciences, humanities and fine arts. The Media
Gallery presents both ‘in house’ exhibitions and satellite events that occur off-site or virtually as
part of our extended curatorial programs. We have organized five exhibitions, three successful
opening receptions (with a total of more than 500 in attendance), two publications, three on-line
interviews, numerous online materials and four press articles. We are committed to the use of
new media to disseminate research and creative projects and the Media Gallery is an ideal venue
to promote this objective.